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Functional Enviromics Technologies


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MediaOmics (Functional Enviromics Technologies, SA; is a Portuguese SME dedicated to the development of high-performance culture media solutions. We have developed rational bioinformatics methods, based on mechanistic principles, that substantially reduce the experimental workload and the time needed to develop an innovative formulation or to customize an existing formulation. A key distinctive feature of our process is the functional enviromics map (FEM) (Patent WO2012095819; PCT/IB2012/050178). FEM is a detailed map of the interactions of environmental factors with cellular functions. We maintain a database of FEMs for relevant cell lines (CHO cells, BHK cells, Pichia pastoris, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and we are committed to extend this database to other relevant cell lines for the life sciences community.


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Functional Enviromics Technologies. Campus da FCT-UNL. Ed. Departamental. Dep. Química, 5º.

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Sandra fernandes

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