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The INESC TEC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science has more than 30 years of experience in R&D and technology transfer. Present in sites in the cities of Porto, Braga and Vila Real, INESC TEC incorporates 13 R&D Centres and 1 associate Unit with complementary competences, always looking to the international market. At INESC TEC, the knowledge and results generated as part of fundamental research are typically applied in technology transfer projects, always guaranteeing added and immediate social relevance. MISSION: To undertake R&D activities in specific areas, generating internationally competitive science and technology.To act as an effective interface between the university and companies, public institutions and services, through contract research, technology transfer, specialised consulting services and advanced training. To actively contribute to the development of the Portuguese science and higher education system and promote its continuous adaptation to societal needs. ACTIVITIES: INESC TEC Associate Laboratory invests in Scientific Research and Technological Development, as well as in Advanced Training and Consulting, Technology Transfer and Launching of New Technology-based Companies. AREAS OF INTERVENTION: Telecommunications and Multimedia; Power and Energy Systems; Enterprise Systems; Information and Computer Graphics Systems; Applied Photonics; Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems; Robotics and Autonomous Systems; Biomedical Engineering; Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship; Artificial Intelligence and Decision Aid; Advanced Computing; Industrial Management High-Assurance Software; Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems. HUMAN RESOURCES: INESC TEC Associate Laboratory currently employs more than 650 Researchers, including Researchers from Higher Education Institutions and Staff Researchers, and also Technical and Administrative Support Staff, Grant Holders and Trainees. It is important to highlight the number of Researchers holding a PhD: more than 270. Moreover, it is important to stress that INESC TEC is also appealing to foreign students: 40% of our PhD students are foreigners. MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF HISTORY, HEADING FOR THE FUTURE. INESC in the city of Porto was established in 1985, and through the years it has managed to conquer an important position in the National Scientific System, with INESC as its reference, in a holding-type structure that is to this day an important model in the form of a University-Industry relationship. In 1998, as a result of INESC’s restructuring process, the pole of Porto became autonomous, thus originating INESC Porto. With INESC, it has learned how to adopt a unique behaviour within the national academic environment, always looking outwards, in the search for strategic partnerships in critical sectors of the economy. Moreover, INESC Porto proved to be perfectly capable of acting autonomously with its own strategy, without ever abandoning the public sector of education. As an Associate Laboratory since 2002, INESC TEC is a dynamic and innovative organisation, based on criteria of efficiency and effectiveness, strongly investing in the valorisation of its R&D activities, namely by promoting technology-based business initiatives. Simultaneously, INESC TEC Associate Laboratory does not forget its academic background, always promoting a close relationship with U.Porto, FEUP and FCUP, as well as with P.Porto, investing in advanced training and R&D, and encouraging the development of a large number of MSc and PhD theses. INESC TEC Associate Laboratory always strives to be a source of innovation and dynamism and thus contribute to the country’s progress and development.


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Campus da FEUP, Rua Dr Roberto Frias

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Rute Ferreira

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