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INOVA+, Innovation Services S.A.


ICT for Health Company

Scientific area(s)

1.2 Computer and information sciences
2.2 Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Information engineering

Brief description

Organized in three key activity areas, CONSULTING, INTERNATIONAL and DIGITAL, INOVA+ is the European leading company in support of R&D and innovation projects and focuses on the promotion and management of innovation projects, providing the knowledge, the management capacity, the partnerships and the technical and financial supports needed in their execution. Created in 2001, the R&D department is specifically oriented to develop applied research and development projects in the areas of health, sustainable cities, smart buildings and industrial automation, in partnership with other scientific institutions, industrial customers and end users. The DIGITAL department has a set of scientific and technological skills in the areas of information systems, communication networks, and electronics engineering and a wide experience of its application to health systems, specifically for diagnosis support, tele-monitoring, rehabilitation support and crisis management. INOVA+ is a recognized entity for the practice of Research and Development by the Portuguese Ministry of Economy and Science and is supported by a Research, Development and Innovation Management System (SGIDI), certified by APCER since 2013, according to standard NP 4457:2007.


Mailing address

Rua Dr. Afonso Cordeiro, 567

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Contact person

Gil Gonçalves

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  • Telephone

    +351 229397130

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2018-06-28 17:36:49

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