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Stem Cell Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory

Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering at Instituto Superior Técnico

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Cell Culture and Manipulation
Stem Cells

Description of the Service Centre

R&D activities at the Stem Cell Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory (Tagus Park IST Campus) are focused on the development of bioprocesses to cultivate and purify stem cells and their derivatives at a manufacturing scale. Both human adult and pluripotent (embryonic and reprogrammed cells) stem cells are used as models systems specially targeting their application in Regenerative Medicine settings and toxicology/pharmacological testing, respectively.

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Cláudia Lobato da Silva

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2013-10-04 14:40:04



Stem Cell Bioengineering

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Our group got the international recognition has one of the main players in the field of Stem Cell Engineering, being part of the final report of the International Assessment of R&D in Stem Cell Engineering ( (Dec 2012).



Fully Equipped Cell Culture Laboratories

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Bioengineering Laboratories include 2 fully equipped cell culture rooms featuring bioreactor culture systems compliant with GMP-manufacturing (i.e. Wave Bioreactor) and an analytical room with 2 flow cytometers, RT-PCR equipment, among others. Bioengineering Laboratories also house a GMP facility (40 m2) for manufacturing Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMPs) to be used in clinical studies of phase I/II. This unit is being operationalized (2013) in collaboration with Cell2B (IST spin-off) and includes 4 incubators, 1 laminar flow chamber, 1 centrifuge, 1 microscope, a water bath, a fridge (4ºC) and a freezer (-20ºC). It is equipped with air, temperature and humidity controller and monitoring systems. A warehouse, near GMP facility includes a fridge (4ºC), a controlled rate freezer and a liquid N2 container for product storage. The cleaning and organization is assured by furniture for items storage, a carpet for particle retention and a triple bucket system. Other equipment associated to the GMP facility are: fridge and controlled rate freezer, Liquid N2 container, Laptop for monitoring and data acquisition software.

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