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In vivo CAM assays (IPATIMUP/Expertus)


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Animal Facilities / Research Animals

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Expertus, in vivo CAM assays is a spin-off of IPATIMUP that supplies a range of innovative custom made chicken embryo CAM (choriallantoic membrane) assays, as services for cancer research and anti-cancer drug screening. Specifically, CAM assays for the evaluation of angiogenesis (induced by cells and/or drugs), tumorigenesis and invasion.

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Marta Teixeira Pinto

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2014-02-05 15:16:11




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The service is designed for researchers (and CROs - contract research organizations) who need in vivo validation of their in vitro results. It is intended to validate cancer target molecules (genes; proteins; etc) in an in vivo context. It is a low cost and time effective assay and constitutes a valuable tool to evaluate complex cancer features - cancer induced-angiogenesis, tumor growth, invasion, etc - of genetically modified cancer cell lines grown in culture. Assays are fine-tuned for each experiment. A preliminary assay allows the optimization of several parameters such as the number of cells to inoculate or drug concentration, inoculation and end points times and best fitted validation methods and strategies.



Available for external use?



The service is designed for pre-clinical studies. The DrugAssess service is targeted for in vivo drug screening previous to tests in rodents in order to reduce and refine the lead compounds entering tests in mammals. Assays are fine-tuned for each experiment, by previous optimization of specific parameters.



Stereomicroscope (Olympus); Egg Incubators

Service type: self-service or full-service?



Full-service (Cell lines and/or drugs provided by the client) Full service includes the in vivo assay (animal preparation, data collection and analysis of results, discussion and writing. Additional validation of the results (eg: histological analysis) is an option.

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