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STAB VIDA was created mid 2001 with a strong science-to-commerce focus and with the mission of becoming researchers “Easy Genetics Laboratory”. Currently provides genetic services including DNA sequencing, Genome and Exome Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and RNA seq, oligo synthesis, DNA arrays, genotyping, and genetic testing. Mainly based upon the reputation of its work, STAB VIDA has established itself as a prestigious name among researchers in all Iberia Peninsula. STAB VIDA’s advances in the market, backed by its R&D efforts, were recognized when the company was recently awarded by COTEC ( as one of the 24 Most Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), which was underwritten by Portugal’s business executives’ community. STAB VIDA has 3 well-equipped laboratories where more than 1000 DNAs are processed daily either for sequencing, genotyping, or testing for specific mutations. STAB VIDA relies on a robotics platform coupled with most advanced sequencers and NGS technology, and a very experienced team. Genome projects have a dedicated team of 3 staff members specialized in laboratory routines and techniques. STAB VIDA has also settled a Ion Torrent Platform and uses both the Hyseq and Hiseq 1500 platforms for NGS projects. R&D projects, such as the development of new diagnostic tools based on PCR methodologies (multiplex PCR and LAMP), serve as the basis for complementary and new revenue streams.


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Madan Parque, salas 2.18 e 219,Rua dos Inventores

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Tatiana Flores

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