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Across Science


Biotech Company

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AcrossSCIENCE, is a vehicle for disciplined and efficient investment in and management of emerging science and technology opportunities. Located in Lisbon, the company identifies ground-breaking emerging opportunities in the life sciences & medtech economic sectors, evaluates and provides them the adequate resources including their management to help them reach a place in the market.The company has established and built a network of partnerships as well as a key set of resources to bring bear in the development of the best opportunities emerging from these sources. These key resources, provided by AcrossSCIENCE and its partners include legal, incentives procurement and strategic communication consultants, IT and tax services and experienced start-up management. Moreover, these groups have extensive experience in their line of work and want to contribute with their expertise in the difficult, complex and costly process of transforming an exciting laboratory discovery into a commercial product. Hence, AcrossSCIENCE wants to provide critical knowledge and resources that can help to streamline the development and accelerate the commercialization of novel technologies.


http://in development

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Edifício HiFlyR: Latino Coelho, nº1 – 6ºandar, sala 5

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Manuel Guerra Pinheiro

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    +351 210 010 640

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