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Medtech Company

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3.4 Medical biotechnology

Brief description

BestHealth4U is bringing a new generation of medical-grade adhesives to market. Bio2Skin is a revolutionary new generation of medical-grade adhesives with a wide range of uses in the application of medical devices and wound dressings. This disruptive adhesive will provide a welcome alternative to the current glues used in the application of devices and dressings to the skin, which tend to provoke severe skin problems. Bio2Skin is based on unique research on the hydrogen bond, which results in adhesion to surfaces materially different. BestHealth4U is now working on improving the benefits and applications of Bio2Skin, by developing a remote medical monitoring device, adhesiv.Ai. adhesiv.Ai is composed by a biocompatible adhesive and a sensor patch, and is an all-in-one solution: a wound advanced dressing that can monitor in situ and in real-time. adhesiv.Ai is connected to a digital platform and its prediction algorithm allows to know the status of the wound and its healing process. With the adhesiv.Ai, doctor and patient collect information about the wound and predict its healing without removing the dressing.


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Praça Conde de Agrolongo, Edifício GNRation, 123

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Sónia Ferreira

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2018-03-23 15:32:35

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