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Systemic Lisbon Battery for cognitive intervention

COPELABS - Cognitive and People-centric Computing unit
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Scientific area

5.1 Psychology


Psychology, special (including therapy for learning, speech, hearing, visual and other physical and mental disabilities)

Project description

Project title

Systemic Lisbon Battery for cognitive intervention

Scientific Coordinator's name:

Jorge Oliveira

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Principal R&D Unit:


Other R&D Units involved in the project:

Other R&D units involved in the project

Project keyword(s)

Cognitive decline, ageing, acquired brain injuries, virtual reality

Short abstract and comments

Currently, the most common measures used to assess cognitive decline due to ageing, or acquired brain injuries are based on traditional neuropsychological tests that consist mainly in paper-and-pencil exercises. We argue that neuropsychological methods should be complemented with approaches that capture patients’ ability to perform real life tasks (i.e., shopping, dressing or preparing breakfast), rather than only performance in pencil-and-paper exercises. The use of virtual setups where patients could perform daily-life activities requiring different cognitive abilities could be a viable solution in this context. We have developed and tested a set of cognitive exercises and complied them into a Systemic Lisbon Battery – SLB. The SLB is a virtual reality online platform that consists of a small town populated in which daily life activities are simulated. This virtual town includes several buildings arranged in eight square blocks, a 2-room apartment, and a mini-market in its vicinity, in both of which participants are able to move freely around and to interact with objects to perform each of these activities. The platform was developed using Unity (Unity TechnologiesTM).

Potential uses/indications

1. Cognitive intervention in individuals with cognitive decline/impairments. 2. Cognitive assessment using ecologically valid tasks



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Grant number (QREN, FP7, Eureka, etc)

Grant number (QREN, FP7, Eureka, etc)

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