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Cytothera – Companhia Portuguesa de Investigação e Serviços em Biotecnologia Clínica, S.A


Biotech Company

Scientific area(s)

3.4 Medical biotechnology

Brief description

Cytothera is a Cell Bank dedicated to isolation and cryopreservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, as well as of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) otained from umbillical cord matrix. Cytothera uses a new protocol for isolation, expansion and cryopreservation of MSCs from the umbilical cord matrix (ucmMSCs) which is safe, robust, and that allows to obtain cultures with more than 3 millions of viable MSC and more than 98% purity grade to be stored. Cytothera is currently licensing its technology to partners interested in differentiating in the market by implementing this innovative service.


Mailing address

Rua Henrique Paiva Couceiro, nº 27 - Venda Nova

  • Postal Code

    2704-006 Amadora

  • City




Contact person

Patrícia Cruz

  • Contact person's e-mail

  • Telephone

    351 21 499 75 01

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