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Electronic Health Records: Needs, Requirements, and Barriers of Adoption in Physiotherapy

ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)
Project classification

Scientific area

3.3 Health sciences


Health care sciences and services (including hospital administration, health care financing)

Project description

Project title

Electronic Health Records: Needs, Requirements, and Barriers of Adoption in Physiotherapy

Scientific Coordinator's name:

Octavian Adrian Postolache (local coord.)

Scientific Coordinator's e-mail:

Principal R&D Unit:

Instituto de Telecomunicações do Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (IT-IUL)

Other R&D Units involved in the project:

Universidade Atlantica Faculdade de Motricidade Humana UTL FEUP Universidade de Minho

Project keyword(s)

electronic health records, Physiotherapy

Short abstract and comments

The aim of the project is to design Electronic Health Records for Physiotherapy using determined requirements from perspective of patients and physiotherapists needs and perceived barriers to adoption. Patient-Physiotherapist-Designer (PPD) Framework will describe the concerns and attitudes that patients and their caregiver might have on the concept of electronic health records, as well as potential barriers to acceptance, such as variation in computer skills, and technology awareness. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of collected data using Delphi process, The Inventory of Patients Needs on EHRs for Physiotherapy, The Inventory of Physiotherapists Perspectives on EHRs for Physiotherapy and conclusions from Patient-Physiotherapist-Designer (PPD) Framework will give an overview with respect to the needs of EHRs for the domain of Physiotherapy. The pilot deployments will allow usability tests and evaluation of methods for data collection in physiotherapy practice.

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