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OLA – Organizational Life Assistant for future active ageing

ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)
Project classification

Scientific area

3.3 Health sciences


Health care sciences and services (including hospital administration, health care financing)

Project description

Project title

OLA – Organizational Life Assistant for future active ageing

Scientific Coordinator's name:

José Miguel Sales Dias (local coord.)

Scientific Coordinator's e-mail:

Principal R&D Unit:

Centro de Investigação em Ciências da Informação, Tecnologias e Arquitetura do Instituto Universitário de Lisboa ( ISTAR-IUL)

Other R&D Units involved in the project:

INOVA+ - Serviços de Consultadoria em Inovação Tecnológica (coord.) CKPT – Comfort Keepers, Conforto em Casa, LDa Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research SSW – Knowledge Society Associaton LM – Liquid Media AB

Project keyword(s)

elderly, technological support devices

Short abstract and comments

This project aims to provide an answer to the societal challenges by providing an innovative Organisational Life Assistant (OLA), a virtual presence that supports instrumental activities relating to daily living needs of older adults allowing them to be more independent, self-assured and to have a healthier, safer and organised life, while facilitates caregivers by supporting them on offering high-quality assistance OLA will mediate and facilitate interaction (communication and collaboration) between senior citizens and their informal caregivers or other services or professionals, through technological devices such as standard computers, mobile devices (tablets) and home automation modules. These ICT devices will be based on an innovative multimodal model, embracing various physical/healthy and cognitive characteristics of the older adults and will specifically oriented to increase the level of independence of the elderly, by supporting the possibility of carers\' assistance remotely and by improving the accessibility to existing services on the Web, such as shopping on-line services. Moreover, the OLA will also provide a personalized well-being and safety advices to older users in order to avoid unwanted age related health and safety situations at their own home. Such a well-being and safety advisor makes uses of a combination of collected user information (personal physical/health and cognitive characteristics) and user interaction information extracted through emotion recognition and various sensor settings. OLA addresses also a major issue that elderly is facing related to memory degradation and gradual decreasing of their cognitive capabilities, enabling them to remember primary health care and fiscal obligations (e.g. personal hygiene, medical and tax compliance) or helping them to find everyday items such as eyeglasses, wallet or keys. It is based on speech dialogue interfaces and space and object reconstruction and classification to capture and store daily routines and their related contexts.

Potential uses/indications

Potential uses/indications



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Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme

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