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Sensing Future Technologies


ICT for Health Company

Scientific area(s)

2.6 Medical engineering
3.4 Medical biotechnology

Brief description

Sensing Future Technologies Lda (SFT) designs, develops and implements medical devices with a high degree of innovation, functionality and applicability. Sensing Future Technologies is mainly dedicated to these main areas: Stabilometry and Baropodometry: Balance and Pressure (1) Robotics, Haptic Devices and Telemedicine (2) Monitoring for hospitals, homes and emergency services (Healthcare IoT). (3) Virtual Reality in Vestibular Rehabilitation (4) Fall Risk for elderly people (5) Smart textile pressure sensors (6) SFT has experience and high-level knowledge in instrumentation, automation, acquisition data systems, robotics, biofeedback systems, data processing and database, hardware and software development, supported by technicians with solid knowledge in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical and Computer Engineering. The team also has a high know-how in physical rehabilitation and biomechanics, due to the various projects in which it is involved. Sensing Future Technologies Lda was founded in 2011, sustained by synergies from higher education school and the business world, which is represented in their partners. All promoters have experience in R&D projects: one of them has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering; the another promoter is the company Controlar, which has over 20 years of consolidated experience in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, artificial vision, test systems and instrumentation. Controlar is currently in an internationally expanding period through participation in companies EIIT and 3IT (Spain). The ability of its promoters already allowed Sensing Future Technologies to bring to market two commercial products. In this route, Sensing Future performs several tasks, such as: • Technical tasks: Data acquisition in real time, development of hardware and software and development of user interfaces; • Clinical trials / tests for product validation; • Product certification (ISO 13485); • Dissemination in national and international fairs (eg: MEDICA-Dusseldorf, REEDUCA-Paris, etc. Currently, the company participates in various National and EU research projects. The main products and projects are: PhysioSensing - Smartherapy - SmartHip - SocketMaster - FallSensing - ROSE – Sensing Future Technologies Lda features the following infrastructure / equipment: • Installations for R&D activities with tools for development electronic, software and mechanical engineering design; • Several data acquisition and control systems; • Several types of communication protocols; • Several sensors (accelerometers, load cells, temperature, potentiometer, among others). • Tools and equipment for electronic development; • Vision Systems; • Automation Systems.


Mailing address

Rua Pedro Nunes, Instituto Pedro Nunes, Bloco E

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Contact person

Luís Ferreira

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    916 772 399

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2018-07-20 16:22:07

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