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Development of new products and regenerative therapies for the treatment of articular pathologies

Stemmatters, Biotecnologia e Medicina Regenerativa SA
Project classification

Scientific area

3.4 Medical biotechnology


Biomaterials (as related to medical implants, devices, sensors)

Project description

Project title

Development of new products and regenerative therapies for the treatment of articular pathologies

Scientific Coordinator's name:

Rui L. Reis

Scientific Coordinator's e-mail:

Principal R&D Unit:

Stemmatters Therapeutics

Other R&D Units involved in the project:

Other R&D units involved in the project

Project keyword(s)

Osteoarthritis, osteochondral, cartilage lesions, cartilage repair

Short abstract and comments

Therapies for tissue regeneration constitute an emerging medical market, which make use of biomaterials and stem cells. In the present context, the knee joint is especially important. The knee cavity is the largest joint space of the human body. This anatomical structure is subject to serious illnesses, from which stand out osteoarthritis and osteochondral lesions. ARTICULATE project responds to current therapeutic challenges in this area, focusing on the development of new therapeutic approaches for treatment of degenerative diseases and traumatic osteo-articular conditions. Therefore, the project proposes the development of three strategic and complementary approaches: Bi-layered structures for the treatment of osteochondral lesions; New injectable therapies for intra-articular pathologies. The planning of all experimental activity will be done taking into account good laboratory practices (GLP) which will be applied in the context of preclinical development in the various activities of the project. Despite the existence of traditional therapeutic approaches which compete with those proposed in this project, ARTICULATE is of major strategic importance, as it allows the development and consolidation of know-kow in this therapeutic field. The proposed approaches aim to significantly improve the efficacy in this therapeutic area, by proposing in an innovative manner the use of new biomaterials and new combinatorial approaches.

Potential uses/indications

Osteoarthritis and osteochondral lesions of the knee joint



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Grant number (QREN, FP7, Eureka, etc)

ARTICULATE: QREN-13/SI/2011-23189

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