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Clinical Research / Clinical Trials

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Blueclinical Phase I is a private and independent clinical research unit devoted to the conduct of studies in healthy subjects and early proof-of-concept studies in selected patient populations. Clinical research activities are performed in an exclusive and dedicated 29-bed unit by Blueclinical Phase I’s own staff, which has a wide and long experience in phase I studies in healthy subjects, including pharmacokinetics, drug interactions, food effect and bioavailability/bioequivalence studies.

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(+351) 220 959 020

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2014-01-29 17:49:42



Clinical Research / Clinical Trials

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Bioavailability/bioequivalence studies, to determine whether different formulations of the same drug are equivalent; Food-interaction studies, to determine whether a drug should be taken with or without food; Drug-drug interactions studies, to determine whether a drug affects or is affected by simultaneous use of other medication; Tolerability and pharmacokinetic studies, to know the potential adverse effects and how the human body handles and eliminates a drug.

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