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Its mission is to provide optimal services of surgical pathology and cytopathology, molecular pathology, genetic diagnosis, and parentage and genetic identification. This Unit is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, while it is enrolled in other Quality Control Programs. It has state-of-the-art equipment, namely a Next Generation platform. It is a reference center for several pharmaceutical companies for specific analysis and works with most of the main Portuguese Hospitals.
Teaching and Training  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
Eurotrials develops training programs based upon the knowledge that has been accumulated by the several areas of the company. The training areas are developed with a strong practical component and interactivity under the format of: Training Courses | Modules for post graduations or masters | Workshops | Seminaries included in congresses or meetings | Individual trainings. We develop courses tailored to your needs!
Biostatistics | Pharmacoeconomics  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
The department of Bioestatistics provides a wide range of services adapted to the needs of each project. Statistical advice, study reports and assistance in preparing articles for biomedical journals are examples. It also ensures correct methodological development and appropriate planning in clinical trials and guarantees the quality of protocols and reliable data processing, all of which are crucial to the success of any research project.
Quality  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
The Quality department is an independent department made up of a multidisciplinary group of auditors. They have vast experience in quality control and quality assurance, namely GCP audits. In addition to outsourcing, they ensure that the work of the other Eurotrials departments complies with ISO 9001:2008, the legislation in different countries, the rules of good clinical practice (ICH-GCP and GCP Directive) and any other applicable regulations.
Pharmacovigilance  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
Pharmacovigilance plays an essential role in the protection of public health, especially in assessing the risks and benefits of medicinal products. The department works in continuous cooperation with its partners, whether they are small businesses or multinational companies.
Regulatory Strategy & Affairs  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
This department is responsible for the whole process of registering medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and nutritional products. It monitors their life cycle and provides strategic advice and consultancy on regulatory processes.
Data Management  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
The team uses cutting-edge technology in electronic data collection and is more competitive in undertaking projects. The integration of these processes with Eurotrials’ data management system, which has been validated and is in strict compliance with FDA 21 CFR part 11, is an essential asset.
Epidemiology & Late Phase Research  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
With more than 350,000 individuals included in its studies, Eurotrials is able to meet the specific needs and requirements of an increasingly demanding area. The existence/availability of Epidemiological data and Post-commercialisation Studies data are crucial in validating Scientific, Therapeutic, Economic and Healthcare Policy solutions. Eurotrials uses cutting edge and technologically innovative solutions to gather information and accompanying data about its projects.
Clinical Trials  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
Eurotrials develops and monitors clinical research projects in Europe and Latin America. The team has vast experience in managing studies on both sides of the Atlantic. At the forefront with clinical research sites, we develop the capacity building projects for integration in International Networks of Excellence and R&D platforms.
Research & Development  -  Eurotrials, Consultores Científicos, S.A.
Eurotrials has all the competences and experience needed to operate in the development of drugs, biodrugs and medical devices and can analyse projects (ideas and products) and draft plans for strategic and regulatory development. Eurotrials works with different partners in the RTD process: • Biotechnology companies • Pharmaceutical industry • Research groups –institutes, academia, hospitals • Financial groups • Consultancy firms
Center for Predictive and Preventive Genetics  -  IBMC - Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology
At the outpatient clinic, patients and families with genetic diseases are observed and counselled by a multi-disciplinary team. At our molecular genetics lab, diagnostic, carrier, presymptomatic and prenatal tests are available for a large number of diseases. A quality management system is in place, and a formal request for accreditation has already been filed to IPAQ. The DNA/cell-line bank storages many thousands of samples, coupled with clinical and pedigree data. Coordinating Centre  -  AIBILI - Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image
AIBILI is the headquarters and Coordinating Centre of the European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network – is a network of European Ophthalmological Clinical Research Sites, dedicated to perform clinical research in ophthalmology. is a platform for clinical trial research in ophthalmology in Europe and a useful Industry resource in order to promote the development of new drugs and medical devices.
4C – Coimbra Coordinating Centre for Clinical Research  -  AIBILI - Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image
The Coimbra Coordinating Centre for Clinical Research 4C is a structure to support Investigator-Initiated and Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research complying with ICH GCP - Good Clinical Practice Guidelines and European regulations, namely Clinical Trials Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 536/2014), Medical Devices Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 2017/745) and ISO 14155. 4C provides the necessary logistical support to perform multinational clinical research in Europe.
CORC – Coimbra Ophthalmology Reading Centre  -  AIBILI - Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image
The Coimbra Ophthalmology Reading Centre (CORC) focus its activities in grading fundus images and OCT images of the retina, as well as functional evaluations of the retina using mfERG. It serves as central Reading Centre for a series of multinational and multicentric clinical studies, mainly in Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), some of them performed within the
CEC - Clinical Trial Centre  -  AIBILI - Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image
The Clinical Trial Centre (CEC) performs clinical studies. CEC has dedicated facilities and updated ophthalmological equipment. Clinical patient-oriented research involves characterizing disease progression and testing new discoveries by carrying out carefully controlled research studies in patients, i. e., clinical trials. This includes testing not only new drugs, but also new methods, devices, imaging and surgical procedures as well as prospective, observational, longitudinal studies.
Data Management / Statistics / Medical Writing  -  Lean Data Consulting, Lda.
From defining the study protocol and the information to be collected, to exporting data for statistical analysis, we focus on the essential of each project. We work to minimize the timing between the processes of data collection and data analysis, with a high standard of quality, always complying with our client's goals. We want to reduce the levels of uncertainty associated with data on which our client's decisions are based, justifying the investment made in each stage preceding data analysis.
CLINICAL TRIALS  -  Clinical Academic Center – Braga, Association (CCAB)
A clinical trial requires skills from many different types of experts. In this context, the 2CA-Braga team is composed of clinicians, researchers, nurses, study coordinators, pharmacists, imaging technicians, data managers and support staff.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT  -  Clinical Academic Center – Braga, Association (CCAB)
The Clinical Academic Center - Braga, Association (CCAB) is in a unique and privileged position to ally research with clinical aspects, maximizing the development of innovative biomaterials, diagnostic strategies, regenerative approaches and therapeutic products. The CCAB offers a full-range of clinical research services, with a wide spectrum of infrastructures and with full technical support.
Núcleo de Prestação de Serviços (Clinical Analyses Core Laboratory), Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa  -  iMed.ULisboa/ FFULisboa Research Institute for Medicines/ Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa
This service expresses the constant concern of Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa with translational application of scientific research produced in iMed.UL, contributing to the improvement of the well-being of the population it serves. It provides specific and unique services related with clinical diagnostic and monitoring in the areas of clinical biochemistry and microbiology.
Blueclinical Clinical Research Partnership  -  Blueclinical Ltd
Blueclinical CRP is a network of hospitals and primary care centers that serve about 5 million people. All clinical research related activities are performed under a quality management system. This system aims to document and standardize, by means of written standard operating procedures, all the critical clinical research activities, in order to maximize the efficiency of the processes and to assure full compliance with good clinical practices and the legal and ethical requirements.
Blueclinical Phase I  -  Blueclinical Ltd
Blueclinical Phase I is a private and independent clinical research unit devoted to the conduct of studies in healthy subjects and early proof-of-concept studies in selected patient populations. Clinical research activities are performed in an exclusive and dedicated 29-bed unit by Blueclinical Phase I’s own staff, which has a wide and long experience in phase I studies in healthy subjects, including pharmacokinetics, drug interactions, food effect and bioavailability/bioequivalence studies.
Center for Clinical Investigation  -  Centro Hospitalar Cova da Beira EPE
CHCB is an interdisciplinary research platform on which scientists/clinicians are able to exchange scientific information and create collaborations to develop and improve health care. CHCB is well equipped with technical facilities that enable the production of diagnostic and therapeutic tests,laboratory tests,imaging,surgical services,acute care and palliative services.It is highly sought not only for academic research but also for clinical trials,observational studies and experimental studies.
Centro de Farmacovigilância do Sul  -  iMed.ULisboa/ FFULisboa Research Institute for Medicines/ Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa
This facility provides competencies raging from reception, validation, analysis and evaluation of suspected adverse drug reactions, dissemination of pharmacovigilance in the southern region of the country and training in pharmacovigilance field, to scientific activity and research related to drug use safety.
Safety and Efficacy Studies  -  Inovapotek, Lda
Cosmetics including toiletries, skin care and sunscreen products can cause adverse skin reactions. Each new raw material, active ingredient and cosmetic product should be submitted to thorough safety assessment. Also, claims substantiation is crucial, not only to fulfil with regulatory requirements, but also to enhance the value of a given cosmetic product or ingredient. Inovapotek offers a wide range of standard and customized tests of safety and efficacy.
Sensing Future Technologies  -  Sensing Future Technologies
The company designs, develops and implements medical devices with a high degree of innovation, functionality and applicability. Sensing Future Technologies is mainly dedicated to 5 main areas: 1. Stabilometry & Baropodometry: Balance/Pressure 2. Robotics, Haptic Devices and Telemedicine 3. Monitoring for Homes and Hospitals (Healthcare IoT) 4. Virtual Reality in Vestibular Rehabilitation 5. Fall Risk for elderly people The company has brought to market various commercial healthcare products!
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