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Trypanosomatid 2- cys peroxiredoxins and their role in virulence

IBMC - Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology
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3.3 Health sciences


Infectious diseases
Tropical medicine

Project description

Project title

Trypanosomatid 2- cys peroxiredoxins and their role in virulence

Scientific Coordinator's name:

Ana M. Tomás

Scientific Coordinator's e-mail:

Principal R&D Unit:

Molecular Parasitology

Other R&D Units involved in the project:

Other R&D units involved in the project

Project keyword(s)

Leishmania; Trypanosomatids; parasite; infection; c-cys peroxiredoxin.

Short abstract and comments

Peroxiredoxins (PRXs) are hydroperoxide-reducing enzymes found in almost all living organisms, wherein they display a variety of functions that range from general antioxidant defense to peroxide sensing. In protozoan parasites of the Trypanosomatidae family, including the medically relevant Leishmania sp., Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma brucei, PRXs are regarded as virulence factors based on observations that their increased expression is associated with highly infectious strains. We have set as overall aim of this research project to dissect the mode of action of the 3 cytosolic Leishmania PRXs (LicPRXs ) during infection with particular emphasis on peroxidase-unrelated functions of these proteins. We will start by addressing whether LicPRXs are susceptible or resistant to inactivation by hydroperoxides and/or phosphorylation and, importantly, we will investigate the essential character of each LicPRX isoform during infection. By elucidating the function of Leishmania PRXs that is (are) determinant for parasite infectivity, we expect to open new venues towards the formulation of effective strategies to control parasite dissemination. Moreover, this proposal also holds interest in the area of PRX research, as it may bring into light novel functions for these proteins.

Potential uses/indications

Development of anti-trypanosomatid drugs



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Grant number (QREN, FP7, Eureka, etc)

Grant number (QREN, FP7, Eureka, etc)

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