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INEGI - Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Project classification

Scientific area

2.3 Mechanical engineering


Mechanical engineering

Project description

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Scientific Coordinator's name:

Joaquim Gabriel

Scientific Coordinator's e-mail:

Principal R&D Unit:

System Integration and Process Automation Unit

Other R&D Units involved in the project:

Other R&D units involved in the project

Project keyword(s)

SCADA, labs

Short abstract and comments

advanLab® is a centralized data acquisition and control system for laboratories that integrates the core needs of monitoring and control existing in these areas: operating parameters, safety, energy, air quality control and maintenance. The system consists of hardware (wired or wireless) and software which allows users monitoring and control of different variables/parameters of the equipment, laboratory rooms, floors and the whole building in real time, and intuitively. This software allows setting different limits of alarms for each variable, establishing how to alert the user in the case of alarm (SMS, email, visual or audible), view parameters\\\' graphics and statistic data, and export data in many formats (.csv, .pdf, .doc, .xls). As the system is fully configurable, custom hardware like e.g. scale or freezes can be integrated to the setup. Traded by Laborial.

Potential uses/indications

Medical labs, hospitals



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Grant number (QREN, FP7, Eureka, etc)

QREN - SI IDT - 33877/2012 F2

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