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INEGI - Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Contract Research Organisation

Scientific area(s)

2.3 Mechanical engineering
2.6 Medical engineering
3.3 Health sciences

Brief description

The INEGI - INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND INNOVATION IN MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING from the University of Porto is an industry-oriented Research and Technology Organization. Its organizational structure relies on three pillars of activity in different technology readiness levels, maintaining a strong competence matrix element: - Research with applied focus; - Innovation and technology transfer; - Consulting and advanced engineering services. At INEGI, the following two ongoing research areas are addressing health-related challenges: 1. Biomechanics and Design of Medical Devices, based on sound mechanics, appropriate sensing and instrumentation, as well as novel imaging methodologies. Computational models of body organs are supported by characterization of the mechanical behaviour of tissues. Such models support clinical decisions regarding rehabilitation or replacement, considered key-enablers of significant improvements and advanced technological solutions in the Health and Wellbeing of the population; 2. Health and related indoor environmental conditions in the building stock. Children and elderly spend most of their time indoors (9-10 times more than outdoor). Thus, comfort and air quality become of the highest importance. The association between the environment quality and its consequences to comfort and health are investigated, aiming at better understanding these links, elaborating on the means and tools to characterize, typify and control causes and sources of problems in the built environment and creating the appropriate tools to support future interventions, caring about health, comfort and energy. This R&D work builds on the considerable internal know-how in these research fields to generate new knowledge and technologies, particularly to support advanced users focused on: 1) Prevention and active treatment/support devices, a research field where INEGI has a track record in technology transfer, including patented Medical Devices; 2) Healthy, comfortable and energy efficient building environments, where INEGI has strong experience and assumed political relevance in the last 20 years in Portugal and Europe.


Mailing address

Campus da FEUP, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 400

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    4200-465 Porto

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Contact person

Marta Oliveira

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  • Telephone

    +351 229578710

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2016-04-20 17:20:23

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