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Rodon Biologics


Biotech Company

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3.4 Medical biotechnology

Brief description

Rodon Biologics is a fully owned subsidiary of Biotecnol SA focusing in providing excellence in development of biopharmaceutical products for third parties.Over the last 14 years Biotecnol SA has successfully completed numerous product and process development projects for different stages in the drug development cycle, from research to clinical trial Phase III. Partner led-programs have been undertaken on behalf of small, mid and large size biotechnology and also for large pharmaceutical companies.Product track record includes cytokines, growth factors, antibody fragments, immunotoxins, antibodies and multispecific antibody based formats.This continuous activity has resulted in accumulation of a significant know-how and experience with project management and a wide ranges of technologies for the development / optimization of processes and the manufacture of biological product molecules. Moreover, the intensive work on its own products pipeline also originated a new set of competencies i.e. bispecifics and highly specific analytical work.Rodon Biologics is customer-centric and innovative, in a way that customers receive products that better fit their needs, with a more complete offering in terms of services. So, in addition to full process development the new services matrix includes stand alone services (from the cloning and expression of the gene of interest, to the offering of milligrams of product for early testing, and pre-clinical toxicity batches for IND filling).Effective, robust, reliable and cost efficient manufacturing strategies are required to meet the rigorous demands of making biologics for human use. Companies need to consider their process development strategies very early in a product’s lifecycle - this is where Rodon Biologics provides an invaluable service.


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Ana Rita Ricardo

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