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CHAD – Health Technology Assessment and Drug Research  -  AIBILI - Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image
The Centre for Health Technology Assessment and Drug Research (CHAD) focus is on evaluation of medicines and other medicinal products for market access purposes, aiming at financing and reimbursement, pharmacovigilance and bioequivalence studies for generic drugs approval and drug safety monitoring.
ICVS Cell Culture Services (ICVS-CCS)  -  Life and Health Science Research Institute (ICVS)
ICVS Cell Culture Services (ICVS-CCS) provides a range of services related with cell culture, including Bio-banking, Cell Assays and Consulting.
In Ovo Technical Service (InOvoTS)  -  Life and Health Science Research Institute (ICVS)
InOvoTS combines several services in the development and execution of specialized in vivo techniques designed for industry and academia using the chick in ovo model. The InOvoTS is supervised by 2 senior researches with complementary scientific backgrounds and is fully prepared to provide technical expertise and/or full services on multiple studies employing the chick in ovo model. These include the evaluation of biocompatibility/toxicology/anti-tumor properties of novel drugs/compounds.
Robotics Unit  -  BIOALVO SA
This is BIOALVO’s robotized facility that provides the services of a liquid handling system with a tip head adaptable to 8, 96 or 384-tip adaptors, an incubator for 44 microplates and a microplate reader. These equipments can be used separately or together as a modular system, with numerous applications such as library replication/dilution, enzymatic, fluorescence or other in vitro assays, or large scale screenings, enabling the processing of a large number of samples in a fast, effective way.
Dentistry Platform  -  Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra
In this service scientific research is carried out in tree Laboratories: Mechanical Testing, Hard Tissue and Forensic Dentistry. In the first, samples are prepared for various tests and methods of analysis, Aging and thermal and chemical fatigue of samples and materials can be performed. In the second they can perform the processing of biological samples following calcified and decalcified techniques. In the third a service of dentistry medical-legal expertise is provided.
SITI - Informatics Systems and Technologies  -  COPELABS - Cognitive and People-centric Computing unit
SITI is an R&D group of COPELABS with a vision where nomadic people become the centre of the networking system. Users on the move are part of communities and will not only be consumers of information but also active providers of different Internet services, such as coordination of connectivity to different access networks. SITI dedicates its R&D effort to the development of new technological solutions in the fields of pervasive wireless systems and social mobile networking dynamics.
3D Printing and Prototyping  -  INEGI - Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
This service centre provides for the manufacturing of body-shaped parts/prototypes for biomechanical applications, such as anatomical models, orthotic devices and/or sports equipment.
Neurophysiology Laboratory  -  ICNAS - Institute for Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health
ICNAS host a main Neurophysiology laboratory including EEG, EMG, TMS, Eyetracking and other physiologic measures. These are often used as a multimodal experiment setup.
Regulatory Affairs  -  Inovapotek, Lda
Cosmetic products must obey to strict legislation wherever they are marketed. In the European Union a common Regulation is applicable to all member states, together with several Amendments, as well as other international guidelines that may not be mandatory, but are nevertheless useful for the cosmetic industry. To help its clients keep up with the European Regulation inovapotek provides a full range of regulatory affairs services.
Formulation development  -  Inovapotek, Lda
We start by looking for the best active ingredients and excipients to use, designing a theoretical formulation for each product.Then, the experimental procedure takes place and formulations are optimized according to organoleptic and sensorial characteristics, preliminary stability studies and of course, according to the client’s input.
Sensing Future Technologies  -  Sensing Future Technologies
The company designs, develops and implements medical devices with a high degree of innovation, functionality and applicability. Sensing Future Technologies is mainly dedicated to 5 main areas: 1. Stabilometry & Baropodometry: Balance/Pressure 2. Robotics, Haptic Devices and Telemedicine 3. Monitoring for Homes and Hospitals (Healthcare IoT) 4. Virtual Reality in Vestibular Rehabilitation 5. Fall Risk for elderly people The company has brought to market various commercial healthcare products!
Neuroengineering and Advanced Human Sensing Laboratory  -  INESC TEC
The main goal of the NeuroEngineering lab is to perform high-level interdisciplinary R&D in engineering and computational approaches applied to basic and clinical neuroscience, namely crossing several areas, such as Physics; Engineering (Electronics; Computation; etc.); Neurology; Neurosurgery; Neurophysiology; Neuroradiology and Neurobiology.
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