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Protein Production and Purification Unit  -  IBMC - Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology
The Protein Production and Purification Unit (UP3) provides access to state-of-the-art equipment for the expression, purification and biochemical/biophysical analysis of recombinant proteins. This facility provides both scientific and technical expertise, actively participating in the establishment of interdisciplinary research and networking activities involving internal and external research groups.
Animal Cell Technology Unit  -  iBET - Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica
Specialized human resources covering all relevant scientific areas in biologics development. Top level competences in cell culture, bioprocess development, downstream processing, assay development and validation.
Natural Products Unit  -  BIOALVO SA
BIOALVO owns a large natural extract library mainly derived from marine microorganisms. In order to avoid the hurdle of having found a great bioactive and then not being able to resupply in the necessary scale, BIOALVO has developed an internal natural extracts manufacturing unit. At BIOALVO we can go from mg produced in a Labscale supply to Pilot scale Supply and even to Large scale supply, in the orders of several kg, guarantying a well controlled and smooth manufacturing process.
Cell Biology  -  iMed.ULisboa/ FFULisboa Research Institute for Medicines/ Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa
This facility is dedicated to the analysis of gene expression at DNA, RNA and protein level, routinely performing a multitude of biochemical and molecular biology techniques using standard equipment for electrophoresis, western blot, northern bot, as well absorbance plate reader, and gel, membrane and X-ray film imaging (Chemidoc MP and XRS; Bio-Rad).
Cell Function  -  iMed.ULisboa/ FFULisboa Research Institute for Medicines/ Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa
The facility is tailored for biological evaluation of cell function, routinely determining cytotoxic and cytoprotective activities of synthetic and natural compounds, in multiple cell models, including immortalized and primary cultures and stem cells, with implemented capability of cell function assays up to 96 and 384-well format.
Rodon Biologics  -  Rodon Biologics
Rodon Biologics is a service provider company with more than 15 years experience in protein recombinant production andprocess development. Rodon is a spin-off of Biotecnol, a company operating in Portugal since 1996 dedicated to biological development. Rodon services include: protein production, analytical characterization, cell-based assays, cell line and process development. Rodon is customer-centric and guarantees that the projects are executed under a quality system.
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